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Trade Pricing and Tax Exempt Purchases

Designer discount, order forms customized with your logo and tax exempt purchasing is available upon log in with your retail sales tax license number. Simply log in to gain access and start shopping with your client.


Registered designers may order single samples. You will be refunded in full when the piece is returned within 30 days. Payment is due in full for sample. Shipping is not refunded.


You MUST determine proper placement on cabinet using the longest figure BEFORE you drill. Pulls are double stem, standard mounting (3” on center) but the pulls are not a standard length and may extend beyond cabinet bottom if not placed properly.

If you are mounting hardware on cabinets with existing holes, you have a few options:  1)Our hardware is handmade with stems 3″ on center or customizable 2) mount pulls on our signature plates to cover the existing holes and any potential fading that is exposed once you removed previous hardware. (Plates are an additional charge, find them in Browse Hawdware), 3) fill existing holes and drill new ones

Knobs are single stem and can be made with a spin pin.

Mount any pull on a plate to create a unique hook or art mount faces on plate with stems on the back for a larger pull.

Please call us if you’d like to discuss ideas.

Patina (please specify)

Each sculpture is hand made and finishes vary. Our usual finish is a very light patina (darkened recesses), polish and lacquer. Cabinet hardware can be ordered in white (silver looking) or golden bronze. Patina is a chemical bath that mimics the aging process. In notes you can state your preference – We can patina lightly, medium or very dark (what most hardware looks like when it says ‘bronze’). With any of these choices we hand rub back the high points to let the warmth of the bronze show through. High points will stay rubbed with regular use.

Care & Cleaning

Bronze will age, gracefully responding to time, touch, and the elements naturally enhancing the finish. Because cabinet hardware is regularly touched, the high points will maintain a beautiful, polished golden glow.

Clean bronze with a mild soap, water, and a non-abrasive cloth. Conditions vary across the country. Chemicals and minerals in the water and air can have an effect on the patina. We recommend that you rinse away any traces of soap and gently dry with a clean soft cloth. DO NOT use any chemicals or cleaners such as Windex, furniture polish, toothpaste, vinegar or bleach to clean bronze.

To protect the patina finish and lessen changes from the elements, apply a high-quality clear paste wax. I prefer Tres wax and clean all of my bronze sculpture with it once a year.


Folwell Studios works in collaboration with Western Heritage of Loveland, CO to cast Handle The Art. Western Heritage is known for finely detailed, small works in art grade bronze.

Each sculpture starts as a clay or wax original, molded in a fine rubber. Wax reproductions are cast in this centrifuge mold, six – 8 pieces to a mold. The waxes are removed and wax cabinet stems are precisely hand placed on the back of sculpture.  A ‘tree’ of wax pulls is arranged in vertical cans. An ‘investment’ material is poured around the wax tree. The investment is fired for 8-16 hours and ‘loses’ the wax through the ‘tree’ circulation. The hot cans are then sealed below the crucible. When the exact amount of bronze reaches a melting temperature of about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, a gate is opened and the molten bronze is vacuum cast into the mold. The cast bronze is revealed by breaking away the investment. Skilled craftsmen meticulously cut the bronze art from the cast ‘tree’ and ‘metal chase’ every surface. In patina we do a bath of liver of sulfur, polish and lightly lacquer to create a lovely natural bronze contrast.

Turn around time is 6-8 weeks from the time of ordering.


Folwell Studios stands behind the workmanship of all of our bronze. We will repair or replace any defective product or parts that fail. Proof of purchase required.

The patina finish applied to our bronze products is a “living finish” and will change with time, touch, climate, etc. Because each product will be exposed to a varying set of conditions, we do not warranty the finish of our hardware.

Folwell Studios will not assume liability for any labor charges regarding the removal or re-installation of the products; nor will we cover any freight, postage, or handling expense related to the product. Damages caused by accident, misuse, abuse, or improper installation are not covered by this warranty.